Our Principles

  1. Occupational safety is a core value not just a collection of regulations, rules and procedures.
  2. High-level safety culture requires an approach which focuses on emotions and behavior.
  3. Employee-oriented leadership is the key to success.
  4. Visible commitment requires enthusiasm and passion.
  5. Safety is a process of continuous improvement. It is best put into action as a team process.


Occupational safety & health in general

  • Approaching safety & health systematically
  • Improving safety culture
  • Achieving active leadership commitment
  • Recognizing and accepting personal responsibility
  • Improving hazard perception and risk assessment
  • Motivation towards safety conscious behavior
  • Addressing unsafe acts constructively

Tools for Employee-oriented Safety Management

Courses and workshops

  • Management by objectives
  • Leadership License
  • Risk assessement
  • Safety induction
  • Toolbox Talk (TBT) und Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Safety teams
  • Safety walks & talks
  • Learning from accidents

Media and campaigns

  • Drafting safety films
  • Conception and design of media for safety inductions
  • Campaigns
    • Hand safety
    • Safety culture 
    • Global Safety Days
    • ...

Health protection - psychological stress

  • Identification of psychological stress and mental load in the workplace
  • Recommendations for the reduction and prevention of psychological stress
  • Comprehensive documentation for risk assessment of psychological stress
  • Support in the development of individual measures for reduction and prevention
  • Moderation of employee workshops

Specific Target Groups

  • Managers
  • Safety representatives
  • Employees working in offices
  • Construction site managers
  • Fork-lift drivers and their managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Apprentices
  • Petrol station operators

How we proceed

We always put our client's needs and whishes first and develop indiviudually designed approaches.


On the right you can see an example of a project for improving safety:


  • We assist and support you locally
  • You will get an individual offering
  • If requested we create all necessary learning materials
  • Trainings and courses are always led by qualified graduate psychologists
  • We charge our services in daily rates